Strategy - Tactical Delivery - Change

A profound understanding of Operational Innovation & Change, we have worked with a variety of organisations to transform their business through processes, systems and people improvement.

Project and Programe Delivery

Project and Programme delivery across various organisations, disciplines and sectors. Deployment of Mobile digital solutions in secure environments on behalf of Ftse100 organisations and Government agencies. Programmes ranging from 2m to 25m. Ensuring Project Management Office (PMO) activity is wholly focused on ensuring Project and Programme costs are managed, progress is directed, and Programme Sponsors are held accountable for the benefits. Typically deploying ‘effort driven’ planning to ensure overall project portfolio costs are reduced. By an average of 30%.

Change and Innovation

Understanding change and innovation processes and how they affect people is core to what we do. We have lead, manage and support major Innovation and Change in organisations such as: The DWP, The DVSA Royal Mail, BT Wholesale, SSL, Em², EJM.

Business Improvement

A deep understanding of Business Improvement techniques ensures we are uniquely positioned to support your people with the tools and techniques they need to Innovate and transform their business. Working with Post Office Ltd, The DWP, The DVSA, EJM, EM²

Interim Management

Interim Management across several Customer Services Operations on behalf of clients such as Post Office Limited, in the leadership and development of their Post Office Home phone solutions and others.

Transformational Change

The design and deployment of Transformational Change programmes across organisations such as Royal Mail, Subscription Services Ltd and Em² encompassing major Cultural, Organisational and Structural Change



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